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About us

It all started in 1967 in Sundsvall, Sweden, when we opened the first centre with the clear goal of improving the customer experience in the IKEA store.

Today, we host and serve more than 460 million visitors each year, a number that will grow to more than one billion in the coming years, as we expand from 44 locations in 15 countries to more than 70 locations by 2025.


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Nice to meet you, IKEA Centres västerås  Erikslund shoppingcentre

Nice to meet you

We interviewed Gerard Groener, Managing Director of IKEA Centres, and asked him to give us an insight about the company, the meeting place concept and the plans for the future.



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From tenant to partner with IKEA Centres

From tenants to partners

“We see our tenants as our partners. That’s why global tenants always have one speaking partner in the IKEA Centres leasing team”


Carsten Heidtmann,
IKEA Centres Leasing Manager


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From shopping centre to meeting places with IKEA Centres

From shopping centres to meeting places

In a rapidly changing world, where people are continuously on the move and new trends are created every day, the traditional concept of shopping centres is becoming less and less relevant. This means that we have to find a new way to reboot the industry and rejuvenate the concept – and at IKEA Centres, we have a plan.


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