From shopping centres to meeting places

In a rapidly changing world, where people are continuously on the move and new trends are created every day, the traditional concept of shopping centres is becoming less and less relevant. This means that we have to find a new way to reboot the industry and rejuvenate the concept – and at IKEA Centres, we have a plan.

To stay relevant in our markets, we have to think differently. We want to create vital and relevant centres, that perfectly respond to the local people’s desires and needs and that we like to call ‘meeting places’.

We put a lot of effort into creating our new concept. It all begins with understanding and following the societal developments, and also with taking into deep consideration the needs of the local communities.This is because creating places that respond to the local demands also means creating a sense of belonging, where people feel at home, where they love to bring their families and spend time with their friends.

We want our meeting places to be where people feel good, create emotional connections and collect memories.

We see our centres as places where people not only shop, but also connect, socialise, get inspired, experience new things, and find something new every day. Places people love to go to and want to be part of. Places that fulfil both emotional and functional needs: in other words, places with a meaning and a purpose.

We also put a little bit of ourselves in our meeting places, as we give them a Scandinavian touch that reflects our Swedish roots – simple and functional design, clean lines and a smooth ergonomic language.

In addition to the financial performance, we believe it’s necessary to look at long-term value creation.

Our meeting places not only create value for our own business, but they will also create value for people and the planet.

We want to contribute to improve the quality of life of people and communities by providing economic opportunities and creating meeting places that help people live a more sustainable and happy life. We want to support a business that prospers within the limits of one planet, using our supplies efficiently and effectively, turning waste into resources and promoting renewable energy.

With this combination of purposes, meanings and functionalities, we can create meeting places that are one of-a-kind.

We don’t know exactly how the future will evolve, but we surely know how to face it – with collaboration and co-creation. We want to cooperate together with our partners: the IKEA store, our tenants, and the local communities. This is how we will reach the many people and make our concept of meeting places a reality.